thin porcelain tile | Thin Tile 60-120CBP5690CM
Thin Tile 60-120CBP5690CM
thin porcelain tile | Thin Tile 60-120CBP5690CM
The thin porcelain tiles, designed with the texture of natural stone, sandstone and wallpaper, recreate the true style and feature of natural stone by using the latest stereo ink printing technology. The thickness is only 5.5mm in size 1200x600mm. Lighter in weight, more excellent in performance, it can widely meet the needs of all-space decoration of indoor and outdoor walls and floors, and create a unique style of environmental protection light life.
Model  Size(mm/in) Thickness(mm) Surface Effect 
60-120CBP5690CM 600X1200 (24"X48") 5.5 Glazed polishe

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*The space application effect is for refernce only, please refer to the actual product
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