Porcelain Tiles | Thin tile 120-240CBP05533BCD-M
Thin tile 120-240CBP05533BCD-M
Porcelain Tiles | Thin tile 120-240CBP05533BCD-M
Starting at 5.5mm, Monalisa thin porcelain panels are less than half the thickness and weight of standard tiles. They are impervious to breakage, scratches and fading due to the extremely high density of each tile. Its easy to install and can be applied directly over existing tiles, reducing time and costs. Our thin porcelain panels are suitable for both walls & floors in high-end hotels, resorts, villas, etc., and they can also be used as building façade applications.

Model  Size(mm/in) Thickness(mm) Surface Effect 
120-240CBP05533BCD-M 1200X2400 (48"X96") 5.5 Glazed Polishe

*The space application effect is for refernce only, please refer to the actual product
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