Porcelain Panel | Grand Stone 9FMB10231PM
Grand Stone 9FMB10231PM
Porcelain Panel | Grand Stone 9FMB10231PM
Monalisa Grand Stone Series applies the 3D digital ink-jet printing technology, vividly recreates the delicacy of various natural marbles only with a better physical and chemical performance. Unlike natural marble, this porcelain Slabs are radiation-free, non-porous, stain resistant and durable. In addition, with bigger tiles and fewer grout lines, your space is less cluttered and visually expanded.
It can be widely used as flooring and wall cladding, particularly in high-end resorts, fashion store, banquet hall, recreation club and even countertops.
Model  Size(mm/in) Thickness(mm) Surface Effect 
9FMB10231PM 900X900 (36"X36") 10.5 Glazed polishe
SPACE APPLICATION \ Porcelain Panel | Grand Stone 9FMB10231PM

*The space application effect is for refernce only, please refer to the actual product
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