large format porcelain slab | Extra-large format Porcelain Panel 90-270DBYP10385M
Extra-large format Porcelain Panel 90-270DBYP10385M
large format porcelain slab | Extra-large format Porcelain Panel 90-270DBYP10385M
It is applied in furniture, kitchen, bathroom, wall and floor of home improvement space, and elevator, exterior wall, floor, front desk application of tooling building, rock slab covering the integration of space with powerful physical properties usage scenes. Meanwhile, the rock slab can be designed with a variety of different surface textures according to the decoration needs, such as stone surface, wood grain surface, wallpaper surface, cloth grain surface, metal surface, solid color surface and other decorative styles, with its excellent functional characteristics can make the use.  Seamlessly interspersed in a wide range of applications are applied in different space fields.
Model  Size(mm/in) Thickness(mm) Surface Effect 
90-270DBYP10380M 900X2700(35.4"X106") 10.5 Glazed Matt
90-270DBYP10382M 900X2700(35.4"X106") 10.5 Glazed Matt
90-270DBYP10383M 900X2700(35.4"X106") 10.5 Glazed Matt
90-270DBYP10384M 900X2700(35.4"X106") 10.5 Glazed Matt
90-270DBYP10385M 900X2700(35.4"X106") 10.5 Glazed Matt
90-270DBYP10386M 900X2700(35.4"X106") 10.5 Glazed Matt

Monalisa is a manufacturer with large format porcelain slab.We provide Extra-large format Porcelain Panel 90-270DBYP10385M.You can browse related products and initiate consultations on our website.

*The space application effect is for refernce only, please refer to the actual product


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