Why is it necessary to soak in water before laying ceramic tiles?
Why do you need to soak in water before laying ceramic tiles? If the ceramic tiles are soaked, shouldn't the ceramic tiles with low water absorption also be soaked before laying?

Whether or not it is necessary and necessary to soak the ceramic tiles before laying them is a necessary construction procedure. The first thing to understand is the effect of soaking ceramic tiles. The soaking process is mainly based on the following reasons:

The green body is saturated to absorb water, exhaust, and stick more firmly.

The ceramic tile body has a certain porosity, and the water absorption rate of ceramic glazed ceramic tiles can be as high as 18%, that is, 100g of dry bricks can absorb 18g of water, which is a very large proportion. If the bricks are laid directly without soaking in advance, the moisture in the cement mortar will be instantly absorbed by the bricks, and the bond strength is extremely poor. Even if the bricks are barely attached to the wall, they are prone to voids or even fall off in the later stage. Therefore, not only soak in water, but also fully soak before laying. The ceramic tiles commonly used in home decoration mainly include the interior wall ceramic tiles of the kitchen and bathroom, and the small floor ceramic tiles of the bathroom.

The water absorption rate of ceramic tiles is below 0.5%, or even lower, and it is difficult to inhale even if it is soaked in water. In addition, if the tile is attached to the wall, tile glue is generally used, and if it is a large board, other tile hanging techniques will be used. Therefore, from the point of view of exhaust water absorption, it is not necessary for the ceramic tiles to be soaked in water.