Which type of tile is best for your kitchen?
Putting tiles on the kitchen floor or even just doing the backsplash with it will add the sophistication it might need to really uplift and make the room more warm and welcoming. But choosing the right tile for the job can get a bit fussy since there are a lot of options.

Aside from that, what needs to be considered are some things before even buying the tile that the kitchen needs. These are:
  • Budget
  • Cost and effort for maintenance
  • Slip-resistance
  • Moisture-resistance
  • Hardness

Now with that aside, let’s now talk about the actual selection of tiles for the kitchen. There are a lot of choices but we rounded it out to three popular ones.
  1. Stone
Luxury and elegance are the keywords for this type of tile. The kitchen will definitely be more sophisticated when installing these on the floor but as luxurious as they feel, the price is also a bit steep. This is because they are made of natural stone like slate, travertine, granite, and marble.
  1. Ceramic
Affordable yet stylish, the ceramic tile is probably one of the most popular types of tile for the kitchen. This is because there are so many colors and patterns to choose from. However, they are not as hard and nonporous compared to other types of tiles so scratches and stains may appear after a long period of time.
  1. Porcelain
Porcelain, another type of ceramic tile but is on another level. It’s more durable due to the high temperature at which it is produced, making it less likely to develop dents and stains even with the huge foot traffic most kitchens have. But with its nonporousness, it will become slippery when wet so there is a need to mop the moisture out as soon as it's noticeable to avoid mishaps.

Choosing the right tile may be a bit tricky as there is a need to choose the right one according to what can be considered as a need for the home. All it takes is a little research.

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