What should you pay attention to when the ceramic tiles are wrongly reworked?
1. Grasp the skills of ceramic tiles
Ceramic tiles rework generally needs to be knocked off, because the tiles are already sticky, and it is difficult to remove them completely. When knocking on the tiles, you can start the damage from the middle, and then expand the damage to the periphery after breaking the center point, and you need to be more careful when you reach the edge. , It is best to use a flat-head screwdriver to insert it into the gap of the tile to avoid damage to the ceramic tiles next to it, or even to the wall, causing problems such as damage to the wall and damage to the waterproof layer.

2. Pay attention to the treatment of ceramic tiles after rework
Before the reworked tiles are laid, part of the cement mortar agglomeration at the bottom must be removed, so as to avoid that the height of the subsequent tiles is consistent with the surrounding tiles, otherwise problems such as unevenness and protrusions are prone to occur. After the tiles are repaired, the bonding surface should also be cleaned, and the beautiful seam construction needs to be done in time. Another key point is the color difference of the newly matched tiles.