What is the difference between self-cleaning dry hanging silicon porcelain plate and ceramic plate?
1: The silica gel plate is colloidal. The main component of the silicon porcelain plate is silicon dioxide, which generally contains water; while the ceramic plate is a composite material, and its main component is zirconia or alumina. In addition, the functions of the two are also different: silicon porcelain board is a new type of wall material, which can also be used in kilns, and the size can be cut freely; while ceramic board is a refractory material with strong weather resistance, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

2: In terms of performance, the silicon ceramic board is elastic and resistant to wind pressure. It also has the same porcelain surface as the surface of the ceramic board.

The ceramic plate is made of ceramic technology. Compared with our commonly used stone materials, the water absorption rate is lower, and there is no color difference and radiation. The construction is relatively simple, and there will never be cracks. It is very environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and has a long service life. long.