What are the types of porcelain tile
According to its different production processes, porcelain tiles are divided into glazed tiles, whole-body tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles, etc.

1. Glazed tiles

It is the most used type of brick in decoration at present. The surface is glazed, and its price is more affordable. The glaze is very dense, so there will be no stains entering the interior during use. There are two kinds of materials for making glazed tiles, clay and porcelain clay, among which the bricks fired from porcelain clay are gray and white, and the effect is better. The disadvantage is that it requires a high production process, and there will be problems such as pinholes, cracks, bending, and chromatic aberration.

2. Whole body brick

The whole body brick is the same as a whole, but there are not many colors to choose from, and its wear resistance is relatively good, so it is more common to use it on the ground, and it is rarely used as a wall brick.

3. Polished tiles

It is polished and polished by the whole body brick, and its surface is very smooth and has high hardness. With the improvement of technology, the surface of polished tiles can make a variety of color effects.

4. Vitrified tiles

Vitrified bricks are made of quartz sand and mud, and then the surface is polished to make the surface as smooth as glass. Its low water absorption, strength and acid and alkali resistance are better than ordinary bricks. The disadvantage is that after grinding, the pores are exposed, and dust, oil, etc. are easy to penetrate.