What are the advantages of polished porcelain tiles
The advantages of polished porcelain tiles: strong observability: natural stone cannot fully meet the needs of post-processing due to different degrees of weathering and different shapes; polished porcelain tiles are uniformly fired, with smooth appearance, beautiful atmosphere, and strong ornamental.

No radioactive elements: Natural stone is a mineral that is naturally weathered and has not been fired at high temperature, so it contains some harmful trace radioactive elements, which will cause harm to the human body if exposed to it for a long time; polished porcelain tiles are specially processed and have no radioactive substances. cause harm to the human body.

Strong controllability and no chromatic aberration: Natural stone is uncontrollable, and its formation time, rock formation size, etc. cause a large chromatic aberration. Polished porcelain tiles have been carefully polished and uniformly fired, and the products are basically the same without chromatic aberration.