What are marble tile?
With the realistic marble texture, texture and color performance, it has won the favor of consumers. It is also the most popular tile category in the major decoration markets.

But what are marble tiles?
This definition is difficult for many practitioners to give an accurate answer from a professional perspective. The full name or the official name of marble tile should be imitation marble tiles, which is literally understood, that is, all tile products that can imitate the texture and texture of natural marble belong to the category of marble tiles.
In the production process, in order to restore the texture of marble, marble tiles usually use high-definition inkjet technology, and some higher-end marble tiles will combine silk screen, infiltration, digital cloth and other composite processes.

Why are marble tiles more expensive?
The pricing of marble tiles is based on its own multiple advantages. First of all, due to the decrease in the amount of natural stone mining and storage year by year, the price of natural marble is unmatched, and ordinary consumers will not and do not need to choose natural marble. So marble tiles successfully make up for the user's desire for natural marble. In addition, marble tiles also make up for the shortcomings of natural marble's vulnerability and radiation, and have become a classic of modern decorative materials.