Uncover the secrets of full-body marble tile
Will all the tile shop assistants tell you that the whole body of marble tile is good, and they will also let you look at the side of the tiles, saying that like marble, the surface and the inside are a texture. If you foolishly believe it, you will fall into the pit of the tile.
In fact, most full-body marble tiles are a type of glazed tiles, but a little dye is added to them during the production process, and you will naturally have a texture when you look at them. And then gave it a nice name, called Whole Body Marble Tile.
Is it the same as regular glazed tiles? Of course not. It will have a larger press tonnage, so it will be denser and the glaze will be thicker. But this little advantage is really not worthy of this price.
Some people say that the density of the whole body brick is good, and the bathroom is not easy to seep water. I still recommend that you spend this money on the beautiful seam of the tiles, otherwise after one or two years, if the beautiful seam falls off, it is not water seepage but water. .
In fact, for most families, ordinary glazed tiles are enough. So how to choose glazed tiles?
In fact, for us, it is enough for the merchant to show the quality inspection report. Before leaving the factory, whether it is hardness or wear resistance, the state has already tested it for you.