Tips for choosing ceramic tiles
ceramic tiles! It is an indispensable material in decoration, but because there are too many mixed products on the market, how to distinguish it has become the biggest problem, so what should we pay attention to when choosing ceramic tiles? Find out at seven points below.

1. The bricks that are blocked behind the cabinets are called "hidden bricks" in the industry; those who have limited budgets and are unwilling to spend extravagance and waste can use cheap tiles for the decoration of this part.

2. Remember not to stick two rows of partial bricks on one wall, which not only affects the appearance, but also wastes the budget.

3. When buying bricks, try to choose a business with additional tile processing services, because if you encounter a tile that needs to be cut, then hand it over to the business. Whether it is the fineness or loss of the finished product, it will be better than the tiling master.

4. The door and wall are pressed to the ground, and the gap between the tiles will be smaller and more beautiful. The last row under the wall can be left empty and then the floor tiles are pasted.

5. When laying, the upper wall tiles and floor tiles are paired with seams, and the cross seams between the bricks are vertical.

6. Floor tiles can be placed on the wall, but wall tiles cannot be placed on the ground.

7. Reserve 5% of the loss when paving, communicate with the merchant in advance, and the extra part can be returned.