Those about the advantages of ceramic slabs
Many people have the deepest impression of "big" ceramic slabs. However, the reason why ceramic slabs are special is not just because they are "big". Compared with other types of ceramic tiles, it has the following characteristics.

1. Save resources

First of all, from the perspective of raw materials, taking a large slab of 900 × 1800 × 5.5 (mm) as an example, one ton of raw materials can generally produce a ceramic plate of 83 square meters, while the thickness of traditional tiles of the same size must reach 15mm or more, and one ton of raw materials Can only produce 20 square meters. From the perspective of transportation costs, one ton of large slabs can transport 83 square meters, while one ton of traditional ceramic tiles can only transport 20 square meters. This cost advantage is obvious.

2. High technical content

Because of the large size of ceramic plates, different thicknesses, and the difficulty of subsequent transportation and paving, there are higher standards and requirements for enterprise production equipment, technical processes, and construction applications.

3. Green and environmental protection

Because the thickness of the ceramic plate is thinner than that of ordinary tiles, it also consumes less raw materials, water and electricity. According to statistics, compared with 800×800mm ceramic tiles, the raw material consumption of ceramic sheets can be reduced by 64.62%, and the electricity consumption can be reduced by 20.82. %, Water consumption can be reduced by 63.20%, comprehensive energy consumption can be reduced by 41.33%. In addition, it can also reduce exhaust gas emissions, reduce building load, save building space, thereby reducing the amount of solid waste after the end of the product life cycle, which is also more It caters to the green environmental protection concept pursued by modern home improvement.

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