Thin Porcelain Tile Factory | Contrast of Thin Bricks and Thick Bricks
Thin Porcelain Tile Factory | How to choose thin or thick tiles for home decoration?

Look at durability: the durability of tiles is the most critical. When consumers choose, they can use hard objects, such as keys, to scratch the tiles back and forth to see if there are scratches. No scratches indicate that the tiles are hard and durable.

Look at the bearing capacity: the bearing capacity of the tiles is very important. When buying, place the tiles on the steps diagonally, and people stand on them. If the tiles break, it means that the bearing capacity cannot meet the requirements.

Look at the water absorption rate: Pour a small glass of water on the back of the tile and observe the water absorption rate of the tile. The faster the water on the back of the tile disappears, the higher the water absorption.

Look at the finish: Clean the protective wax on the surface of the brick, and place it under the light or sunlight at 45 degrees. The brighter the surface, the better.

Both thick and thin ceramic tiles have their own characteristics that are needed. As consumers, consumers should not blindly pursue thickness and thinness, but should pay more attention to the practicality of ceramic tiles, such as environmental protection, durability, and pressure resistance. These characteristics are what make ceramic tiles. Durable fundamentals.