The quality of ceramic tiles after water absorption
Water absorption

1. What is water absorption

The water absorption rate of the tile refers to the percentage of the weight of the absorbed water to the weight of the product after the opening of the product is filled with water.

2. The importance of water absorption

Water absorption is the basis for the quality of all ceramic tiles. The lower the water absorption rate, the better the strength, density and other properties, which will directly affect the dirt resistance of the product. Ceramic ceramic tiles with low water absorption will not crack or peel due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by climate change; but for interior wall ceramic tiles, especially in the southern region, the lower the water absorption, the better. (National standard for water absorption: 10-20% for interior wall ceramic tiles, ≤0.5% for floor ceramic tiles, ≤0.5% for porcelain ceramic tiles.)

3. Reasons for water absorption

During the firing process of ceramic ceramic tiles, the raw materials of the green body will generate gas, and most of the gas will be discharged from the green body, but some will remain in the green body in the form of bubbles of different sizes and shapes. There are two ways of opening and closing the air hole, and the opening part has the ability to absorb moisture. (Factors affecting water absorption are: formula composition, manufacturing process, slurry fineness, molding pressure, firing temperature, etc.)

4. Water absorption test technology

Pour water over the back of the tile and let it sit for 5 minutes. If the water droplets still maintain the original outline and do not spread, and there is no watermark after drying with a paper towel, it proves that the water absorption rate of the tile is low; if the falling water droplets spread quickly, they will be sucked into the adobe, leaving a watermark, indicating that the water absorption rate is very high. . (The practical effect of 10-20% water absorption is: pour a glass of 150 ml of water behind the tile, and the water will almost completely penetrate into the tile after 3 seconds.)