The Pros and Cons of Marble Tiles
Bored with how your house looks like? Well, maybe it’s time for an upgrade! In this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of marble tiles so you can weigh whether it is the best for your taste. With its everlasting style and grace, it will actually be easy for you to decide!

The Pros

Unique Appearance

This tile will really give your room an elegant look! Your house will seem more upscale with its interesting style and patterns as no two marble tiles are exactly the same. Because it has no consistent pattern, your floor or wall will really look magnificent by coming up with a brilliant color scheme and design using this tile.


Marbles are natural stones, meaning they do not need chemical processing. Making them do not cause the emission of harmful wastes and dangerous gases into the atmosphere.


This kind of tile can not get ruined even with high doses of polish as compared to other tiles. This means that if you really want to have your home a glamorous elegance, you can add polish to the tile as long as you want. They are great to use in empty hallways as you can literally see them sparkle and shine, and they reflect sunlight (you can imagine the effect!).

Easy Maintenance

You can clean them easily! Just by sweeping and using a damp mop, they can already be maintained. However, you just have to be careful in using cleaners, as some are harmful for marbles. You can also just periodically resel the marble especially if water does not lay on the surface already.

The Cons

Prone to Scratching

If not properly maintained, they can be easily damaged from scratches. You shouldn’t scrape or chip the tile as it will ruin the surface. The only remedy? Replacement of the tiles.

Very soft

They can easily get dented or smashed after a long time, that’s why sealing is very important after they are installed. This helps minimize damage caused by heavy furniture, equipment, or high foot traffic.

Can cause accidents

Due to marble tiles being polished, they can be extremely slippery and can break bones if one is not careful. That’s why it is not appropriate to be installed near swimming pools or patios that can get easily wet.

Difficult to Install

You will need professional installation if you will choose this tile as they are prone to breakage. Doing it yourself won’t do you any good.


Marble tiles are actually quite expensive, as their cost per tile, installation charges, and maintenance are higher than other natural stones used for interior home designs. But it is still a good investment as your home will really feel luxurious after using it.

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