The Pros and Cons of Granite Tiles

Thinking about upgrading your current flooring but is undecided on what tile to use? Well, in this article, we will be introducing you to the advantages and disadvantages of granite tiles, to see whether it fits your style and preference! After all, you should be informed first before choosing as this will be a big commitment for your home.

Granite tiles are made from processed igneous (volcanic) rock until it becomes smooth. With this, the beauty hidden beneath the raw rough edges can be seen. That is why most of the hotels and luxurious homes love to use granite as it adds grandeur to the place.

The Pros

Has many ranges of styles

This kind of tiles has shades of black, grey, pink, brown, green, blue, and so much more, which is good for those who have unique preferences! You won’t have the problem of finding the most suitable shade for your home. The natural color and variations of pattern in granite will make your floor different from others. It will definitely give your house a personality.

For finishes, you can choose from the following: flamed for muted colors and a time-worn look,

polished for a shiny surface, honed for a matte surface, brushed finish for a little more texture with a smooth surface, and antique and brush-hammered finishes for a more pronounced texture.

Very Durable

With granite tiles’ durability, even with just a little bit of care, it will definitely last long. As they are harder than marble, granites do not get scratched or cracked. This is why it is good for homes that have dogs or kids. They do not also fade easily in sunlight so they can be used for your patios.

Good for wet areas

Granite tiles have a surface that liquids can penetrate to. Moisture is not a problem with these tiles, even standing liquid can't harm it. Just remember that a polished granite surface can be slippery when wet.

The Cons


Granite might actually be one of the most expensive tiles there is, even marble costs less. Their price depends on their grade. The following are:
  • Commercial grade – the cheapest one available, this grade offers only simple and plain colors. They are thin and are usually just composites of granite and resin.
  • Standard grade – they can have some type of fault and could have minor thickness and cut irregularities.
  • Premium grade – these are the most costly, but also have the highest quality as they are uniform in thickness and have flawless edges. They usually have the most unique colors and patterns.

Installation is difficult

Do not DIY this kind of tiles as they require professionals to be installed. One has to make sure that the floor is perfectly level as uneven ones can cause cracking to the tiles. It is also very heavy, so only skilled workers can lay them in the correct way. Because of their durability, they are also a challenge to cut, so if you have irregularly shaped spaces in your room, it will be difficult to install yourself.

Not for every home

Before choosing granite, you have to make sure that your home’s flooring can handle its weight as they are very heavy. Polished ones can also be slippery when wet so it is not safe to use around people who are elderly or toddlers. You have to use rags if they will be used in the kitchen or the bathroom to avoid accidents.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for flooring that will bring elegance to your home, then choose granite tiles! You can visit Monalisa Tiles’ website and social media accounts for different styles and patterns.