The diversity of eco stone: revealing the different types of eco-stones
As a natural stone, eco stone is very popular in the design and decoration fields for its unique beauty and environmentally friendly properties. However, understanding the various types and differences of eco-stones may not be easy for most people. This article will help you uncover the mystery of eco-stone and explore its rich and diverse types.

River Pebbles: River pebbles are one of the most common ecological stones. They have been washed by water over a long period of time and have a smooth surface and rounded shape. Because of its natural look and texture, river pebbles are often used in landscape designs such as paths, flower beds, and water features.

Agate Stone: Agate stone is a gem-quality ecological stone with hardness and density. Known for their variety of colors and textures, they can display beautiful natural patterns. Agate stone is often used in jewelry and handicraft making, and its luster and color make it a unique and precious material.

Granite: Granite is a hard and durable ecological stone that is widely used in construction and kitchen countertops due to its dense particle structure and diverse colors. The natural texture and color variations of granite add a natural and unique charm to the space.

Sandstone: Sandstone is an ecological stone that is easy to work and carve and is commonly used in indoor and outdoor decoration. Known for their pastel colors and textures, they create a warm and natural atmosphere. The texture and layering of sandstone make it ideal for use in architecture and art production.

Azurite: Azurite is an exotic and rare ecological stone that is coveted for its deep blue color and sparkling gold flecks. After polishing, this stone emits a unique glow in the sun that is mesmerizing. Azurite is commonly used in jewelry and decorative items, and its unique color is irresistible.

Crystal stone: Crystal stone is a transparent and bright ecological stone with unique energy and spirituality. They are widely used in the fields of Feng Shui and energy healing and are said to bring harmony, balance and positive energy. The various shapes and colors of crystal stones bring beauty and tranquility to people.

By revealing the different types of eco stone, we can better appreciate their charm and understand their uses. Whether you are using river pebbles in your landscaping, using agate stone in jewelry making, or choosing granite for architectural decoration, each type of eco stone has its own unique characteristics and uses.