The difference between ordinary porcelain tiles and brand porcelain tiles?
1. On the whole, the quality of brand porcelain tiles will be much better. There are complete production lines in production, and the quality is also carried out by strict installation. The later service system is also very complete. The price of ordinary porcelain tiles is relatively cheap. On the top, quality problems may exist and so on.

2. Regardless of whether it is a good brand or a second- and third -tier brand products, its product quality has reached national standards. Of course, the cost of the price one by one. Low -grade products, that price will be more affordable.

3. In the market, brand porcelain tiles lead the fashion trend in terms of color or style, attracting many consumers' eyes. Therefore, some merchants use consumers to pursue the brand's psychology to make some imitation brand -style porcelain tiles, but the price is only half or one -third of the brand. No brand service and quality assurance. Therefore, we should adjust the shopping mentality and do not blindly pursue the brand. We should try to buy brand products in brand stores as much as possible, and be alert to low -cost products known as "good quality and low price".

4. Some businesses under the brand's signboards, they sell some small brands or porcelain tiles of miscellaneous brands. They will not talk about what brand is during the purchase process, but the price is the same as brand brick. The classic is long -lasting, and there are many mixed bricks. When it is easy to pass, consumers only care about the color and ignore the brand, so that they buy low -cost goods at high prices, but they cannot get the quality guarantee of brand bricks. Therefore, when buying porcelain tiles, you must first understand the brand, and you must understand the size of the local brand and the production process. Due to the different processes, the price is different. Do not buy ordinary crafts on a high price. Brand bricks.