The Best Tiles for Your Bathroom Shower Walls

Remodeling shower walls is a tough job, especially for ordinary homeowners. It may be overwhelming sometimes, especially with so many choices the market has today. In picking shower walls, it is best that you look for tiles that will work well in the bathroom’s wet environment, as well as the design that will fit your style, and will be an easy material to clean. That’s why in this article, we will be discussing the best top picks for bathroom shower walls!

This type of tile is one of the most popularly used on shower walls due to it being low maintenance and being super durable. It comes in different sizes, qualities, and colors, which you can decide on based on your budget and style.
Porcelain is a material that is man-made, with a protective glaze that is baked on its surface. It is considerably stronger than ceramic due to it being fired at a higher temperature. One of its advantages is that you won’t see any color changes due to how it is made.

One of the best tiles to use in shower walls is ceramic, especially with family members who have allergies to dust as this kind of tile has a hard and durable surface that does not trap irritants. Mosaic ceramic tiles are particularly excellent for your shower due to their colors and designs. Even its installation is easy, due to it being easy to cut.
Cleaning it is also not a difficult task. As long as you have a map or broom, you are set. Its durability makes it a good choice for long-lasting and beautiful bathroom walls or floorings.

If you are looking for a more modern and sleek look, glass could be the one! This unique type of tile is good for people who are seeking to make their shower seem larger. Because it is transparent and has the ability to reflect light, the color you choose for the glass will show all the way through the tile. It is also very easy to clean, as the only thing you need to remove the accumulation of soap and dirt in the glass is a window cleaner.

Marble or Stone
This is mainly used for aesthetic purposes due to its light and luxurious color. Its texture and patterns make up with its not-so-durable properties. It may be harder to clean if it has a rough surface. Just make sure that you choose a high-grade marble to prevent the risk of damage due to staining from mineral deposits.

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