The benefits of using marble tiles
Natural marble is beautiful but beautiful, but there are also some inherent "defects". Low hardness, high water absorption, low stain resistance, cracks and color differences are all fatal shortcomings of natural stone. Marble tiles use advanced science and technology to select the essence, and endow them with the advantages of the tiles themselves. The physical and chemical properties far surpass those of natural stone:

marble tile

First, the anti-fouling performance is good, and the high temperature and slow burning above 1200 ℃ ensure the compact structure of the tile, low water absorption, and the anti-fouling performance can be as high as 4;

Second, acid and alkali resistance. This is because the main component of the glaze on the marble tile surface is silica. After high temperature firing, it forms a mullite substance, which can effectively resist acid and alkali;

Third, it has high hardness and is more wear-resistant. The Mohs hardness of marble tiles can reach 5~6. That is to say, it is difficult to scratch the surface of marble tiles, even with a knife, it is difficult to scratch the surface of marble tiles. mark;

Fourth, the flexural strength is high. Even if the tiles are laid diagonally and stepped on the surface of the tiles, they can still have a good bearing capacity. Compared with fragile marble, the construction difficulty is greatly reduced;

Fifth, the anti-slip performance is good, even if it is used in toilets and other public places, it also performs well.