The advantages of porcelain tile over traditional stone
Home decoration is a very important and grand event. The quality of decoration not only affects the overall visual effect, but also relates to the daily use in the future. In the whole decoration process, the choice of decoration materials is often very important, so is the home decoration stone or porcelain tile?

Stone is easy to break after impact, and porcelain tile is not easy to break after impact. The stone is cracked and fragile, and the processing requirements are very high. If you are not careful, it will cause fragmentation and large losses during the decoration construction; the porcelain tile are made of physical pressing and chemical firing, and the texture is hard. At the same time, it can be processed according to the actual decoration requirements of consumers, and the Mohs hardness of the cut stone is only 2-3. When used on the ground for a long time, the surface is easy to wear. The Mohs hardness of the porcelain tile is 4-7, and the surface is protected by glaze. The product is super wear-resistant.

Stones are fragile and fragile, especially large long boards, even if they are fixed on the net, slotted, and reinforced with adhesives, they are also easy to break during transportation, installation, and paving; ceramic porcelain tile are made by physical pressing and chemical firing , The texture is hard and dense. , Under normal circumstances, the trolley will not be damaged if it is slowly pressed on the brick surface. The stone is mainly made of naturally deposited calcium carbonate. There are many gaps on the surface and it is easy to penetrate. All kinds of stolen goods in the house can easily penetrate into the marble. The surface cannot be cleaned at all. Professional care is expensive; the surface of the tiles is fired at a high temperature. The formed glaze layer is completely impervious to stains, and the surface is smooth after polishing, which is easy to clean.

The naturalness of the stone causes the surface of the stone to have many small holes and gaps, which are easy to seep water and have a high water absorption rate. This is why water cannot be used for cleaning and care of stone; the glaze surface of the porcelain tile is dense and smooth, and the water absorption rate is less than 0.3%.So the porcelain tilecan be washed clean with water. The naturalness of stone leads to a large color difference and many flaws in the surface texture of the stone. Even stones with uniform patterns and textures are very expensive. Ordinary stones will be glued and dyed. Specializing in the production of ceramic tiles, raw materials and technology are readily available. Controlled, flawless and chromatic aberration.

Stone is rough and simple processing, semi-finished products are not counted. At the same time, due to the non-renewable product phase and mineral resources, the supply is unstable, and it is basically impossible to replenish the goods. It is difficult to control the supply and construction period of home improvement, especially large-scale engineering projects; ceramic tiles are finished products of standardized industrial production, and the size specifications can be made according to requirements.