Some little knowledge about porcelain tile
For the spring decoration to prepare porcelain tile, first of all is to buy porcelain tile, and the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of porcelain tile is a point that must be considered. When purchasing, carefully observe whether the merchant’s ceramic tile products have been damaged due to moisture, and pay attention to the texture and structure of the porcelain tile to identify the waterproof and moisture-proof performance.

When laying porcelain tile, waterproof foundation work is very important, especially the walls and floors of bathrooms, kitchens and balconies. Waterproof materials must be used for moisture-proof isolation. Use better quality paint, and then lay it as a bonding layer. Cement mortar. At the same time, the tiles should be soaked in water and the paving should be firm to ensure that the tiles will not be affected by the dry or humid weather, and will not easily fall off in the wet environment in spring.

The decoration of porcelain tile in spring may be affected by the weather, because the humidity changes greatly in spring. When laying porcelain tile, it is recommended to choose sunny weather. Generally, it is the most suitable time from noon to afternoon on sunny days. One is to avoid the early morning and evening when the temperature is low and the fog is heavy, and the other is to "watch the sky" and sunny weather. 

When "returning to the southern sky" in spring, it feels soggy everywhere. The porcelain tile on the wall and floor may always be covered with crystal drops of water, like crying children, with bright tears hanging on their faces. In severe cases, it may cause The porcelain tile fell off. How to maintain the home improvement porcelain tile at this time? It is recommended to keep the home clean every day and wipe the porcelain tile with a dry cloth to keep them dry and clean and beautiful, and to reduce the long-term moist atmosphere of the space environment.