Six Tips for Appreciating Porcelain Panel Paintings
There are six things to look at when buying porcelain panel paintings:

Check whether it is flat or not. If the middle of the porcelain plate is arched or skewed, it is a defective product.

Second, check whether the surface is smooth or not. Anyone with shrinkage glaze or black spots on the surface is a defective product.

Third, check whether it is complete. Anyone who taps with a muffled sound and cracks is a defective product.

Fourth, check whether the surface is clean or not. Any picture with glaze color peeling off or traces of being wiped is a defective product.

Five to see if the meaning is exquisite, and those who are crude and shoddy are all inferior products.

Sixth, check whether the firing process is in place. Anyone with poor kiln transformation and dark gray hair color is a defective product.