Sintered type artificial stone
The production method of sintered artificial stone is similar to that of ceramic technology. It is to mix feldspar, quartz, diabase, calcite and other powders with hematite powder and a certain amount of kaolin. The ratio is 60% of stone powder and clay 40%. The artificial stone is prepared by the mixing method, shaped by semi-dry pressing, and then fired in a kiln at a high temperature of about 1000°C. Sintered artificial stone has good decoration and stable performance, but it needs to be roasted at high temperature, so it consumes a lot of energy and costs high. Because unsaturated polyester resin has the characteristics of low viscosity, easy to shape; good gloss; light color, easy to prepare various bright colors and patterns, fast curing, and can be operated at room temperature. Therefore, among the above-mentioned stone materials, the resin-type artificial stone produced with unsaturated polyester resin as a cementing agent is widely used at present. It has stable physical and chemical properties and a wide range of applications. It is also called polyester synthetic stone.