Should you choose glazed porcelain tile or unglazed porcelain tile?
First of all, unglazed porcelain tile is very rare and tends to be more expensive than glazed porcelain due to the higher density and colouring utilized in the manufacturing process. However unglazed porcelain will be more durable.
The choice between glazed and unglazed will depend on the application. Most commercial applications with high or heavy foot traffic may opt for unglazed porcelain. However both types are suitable for all applications and because of glazed porcelain tile’s availability, range of patterns and cheaper price range, it is more often the more popular choice.
Nerang Tiles has a range of glazed and unglazed porcelain and ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles on display at its multi award winning Gold Coast tile showroom. Visit in store to see the full range of porcelain tiles and take advantage of our expert design team with extensive tile knowledge.

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