Precautions for decoration stickers porcelain tile
Paving porcelain tile is a pain in the hearts of countless people. It is also one of the most easily overturned items in the decoration. When it comes to matters needing attention, I simply summarize 6 words: flat, prison, row, seam, slope, net.
The most basic requirement for laying tiles is to be flat, which has two meanings. First, all the tiles in the same space are on the same plane, and there should be no height difference (except for the shower area), which is a requirement for the paving process; the second is that the tiles themselves should be flat, which is a requirement for the quality of the tiles.
Therefore, standard leveling before laying and standard construction during laying are particularly important. If the paving is uneven, no matter how expensive the bricks are, they are ruined.
firm: firm, stable
Different wall bases require different treatment methods and different paving techniques to ensure safety first. In recent years, large bricks have been especially popular on the wall. While pursuing a sense of integrity, we must pay more attention to the firmness and stability of the paving.
Arrangement: typography, paired flowers
There are several principles for tile paving. For example, the wall is pressed against the ground, which means that the wall tiles are pressed against the floor tiles. For example, the cut tiles should be placed in inconspicuous corners as far as possible. These require a paving plan, according to the size and size of the tiles. The layout of the house is pre-determined in advance.
Seam: left seam, close seam
In ceramic tile paving, it seems that it has become routine to leave seams. In order to deal with this seam, the pointing seam is not enough, and it is necessary to have beautiful seams. In fact, good tiles can be paved and the seam can be controlled to a small size. All in one. .
Slope: Slope, Drainage
In places that need drainage, such as bathrooms, tiles need to pay special attention to finding slopes and conducting water. Poor drainage affects the living experience. Pay special attention to the drainage test in front of the tiling master. If the flow rate is slow or even water is accumulated, let him deal with it immediately.
clean: the site is clean
If the cement mortar is not cleaned in time, it is solidified. When the floor drain is installed, it is found that it cannot be plugged in. Now many gravity-type deodorant floor drains are to be plugged into the sewer pipe, but the sewer pipe mouth has been glued to half of the cement. It has to be knocked down carefully.