Porcelain tiles and whole body marble tile which is better? How to distinguish porcelain tiles
When the house is renovated, the use of tiles is definitely indispensable. Tiles can be used for the decoration of the living room, balcony, bedroom, bathroom and other floors. There are many types of ceramic tiles on the market, but some of them are similar, which makes many consumers worry about choosing the wrong one. Porcelain tiles and full-body marble tile are the two types with relatively high sales on the market, but some people don't know which one is better? Today, let's talk about which one is better, ceramic tile or whole body marble? How to distinguish porcelain tiles?
Porcelain tiles and whole body marble which is better
Porcelain tiles and whole-body marble have their own characteristics, and their scope of application is different. It is difficult to say which is better. We mainly choose the appropriate style according to the characteristics of the tiles.
1. Definition
Porcelain tiles belong to the term of craftsmanship. The surface of porcelain tiles is made of porcelain materials, which are decorated by printing, sintered at high temperature and polished on the surface. Compared with traditional glazed floor tiles, it has higher wear resistance, is natural and realistic, and is suitable for wall and floor decoration.
Whole body marble tiles belong to the noun of texture marketing. They are designed according to the surface texture and color of precious natural stone. Each tile has colored glaze. The surface color and luster of famous stone are restored by inkjet and other factors, with rich texture levels. The color material is penetrated to make the surface and inside of the tiles consistent, forming a whole-body effect, and the previous marble tiles are made into a whole-body effect to pave the way for secondary processing.
2. Cost
The cost of porcelain polished tiles is about 18% higher than that of ordinary polished tiles, and the retail price is also 5-10 times that of polished tiles.
The cost of whole body marble tiles is less than 10% higher than that of ordinary marble tiles, and the mass production is negligible.
3. Main process
Mainly the process of polishing tiles
Mainly the process of polishing glazed tiles
4. Surface
Porcelain tile surface without glaze
The whole body marble glaze is thicker
5. Stability
Porcelain tile is a new product, and its stability is to be tested by the market
Stability is better than marble tiles
6. Hardness
The hardness of porcelain tiles is generally around 6
The hardness of the whole body marble is generally around 5-6
7. Edge
The edge of the porcelain polished tile is in place, consistent with the polished tile
There are more right-angle surfaces in the whole body of marble
8. Table effect
Porcelain polished tiles have a gloss of more than 89°
The whole body marble surface effect is better than the overall texture than ordinary marble tiles
9. Flatness
The flatness of porcelain tiles is better than that of marble tiles
The flatness of the whole body marble is better than that of ordinary glazed tiles
10. Brick
Porcelain cast brick body cloth technology formation
Whole Body Marble Body Ink Penetration
11. Price
Porcelain tiles are taller than full-body marble tiles
Whole body marble is slightly more expensive than ordinary marble tiles
12. Gloss
The ultra-flat glaze of porcelain throwing tiles is close to 92, and the permeability is good
The brightness of the whole marble reaches 85, and the permeability is average.
Which is better, ceramic tile or whole body marble? Ceramic tiles are definitely indispensable in decoration. The quality of ceramic tiles will affect the future use, so everyone should choose carefully. Porcelain tiles and whole-body marble are the more popular categories now. Consumers must shop around and master professional identification methods when purchasing.