Origin of China Porcelain Salb
China Porcelain Salb | China is a country of porcelain, with thousands of years of extensive and profound history. From the day when porcelain was produced, there were porcelain pieces. When people fired porcelain at that time, they often produced a large number of defective products. The fate of defective products is to be buried in the ground. Especially for the large number of porcelain pieces produced in the firing of porcelain in official kilns, the royal family has officials specially responsible for the firing of this porcelain, stationed in the kiln factory to supervise the production, and in the production regardless of the cost, precision innovation. For example, if the emperor asked this batch to make 100 pieces of porcelain, then more than a few hundred pieces must be fired. After carefully selecting 100 pieces of porcelain, all the remaining pieces of porcelain should be broken and buried deep, and no one piece should be allowed to flow into the folk. People love porcelain pieces, not only as precious porcelain specimens, but also as rare collectibles. First, although the old porcelain is incomplete, its production and painting art is still high-level, representing the craftsmanship level of a period. Second, it can be used as a basis for collectors to learn and identify. Many folk collectors are Start with playing with tiles.