Monalisa Tiles Display in Central Asia-Kyrgyzstan
From the 6th Sep to 9th Sep,the First 2019 Central Asia(Kyrgyzstan)-Guangdong Commodities Exhibition was held in Osh,Kyrgyzstan. Premier of Kyrgyzstan Аскаров Замирбек attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition and delivered the keynote speech.  

All the most influential people of both political and business circles from 5 main Central Asian countries such as Russia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and others, gathered together for this grand event.

As the forerunner of China's architectural ceramics industry and the supporter of the National strategy---"The Belt and Road", embracing the trend toward a multipolar world, economic globalization, cultural diversity and greater IT application, Monalisa is committed to upholding the global free trade regime and the open world economy in the spirit of open regional cooperation.

In recent years, Monalisa Group has constantly made a series of significant adjustments for globalization, continuously strengthened its brand awareness by multiple marketing channels around the world and this time Monalisa surely made a big presence entering the Central Asia market.