Making your interior design pop: Best tiles to WOW your friends!
If you are interested in making your home exquisite, modern, and sleek, it is a must to not only choose the best furniture or decoration items but also take into consideration the tiles you would be using for your walls and floors. Worry not, as in this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 best ceramic tiles of Monalisa!

Wood Tiles

Whatever piece you want to pop and be in the spotlight, use it with floor tiles as a backdrop! Wood tiles are ideal for making white furniture be anchored in the space. Bathroom is the best place that you can put these kinds of tiles. Your bathtub will look like a star, making your interior design more elegant!

Running Bond Designed Tiles

Straight tile or grid pattern is so basic—why not try a running bond design? You can try to use offset concrete tiles for this kind of style. It may be easy to install, but for personality and visual uniqueness, it’s one of the best. You can use this design to upgrade your kitchen floor.

Colorful Tiles

To give some vigor in your home, try using colorful tiles! This will surely make your outdoor patio more beautiful and interesting. Head on Monalisa Tiles’ website as they have so many variations and colors that you can choose from.

Bold and Non-repeating Tiles

These kinds of tile designs are a good choice if you want to make a statement! Use bold and cheerful colors such as yellow, with a non-repeating pattern for an artistic aesthetic in your bathroom. You can use ceramic tiles with this, but just make sure that the pattern doesn’t repeat, and that it extends to your shower so there is still uniformity in the room.

Geometric Tiles

This is best used in smaller spaces such as a narrow hall, powder room, or a tiny home office. With its fun shaped designs, there would ultimately be an artistic feel. Motivation would surely come to you if you are at home, working, especially when you partner these tiles with minimalist items and furniture with colors that are complementary to it.

Nothing is better than having a complete look for your home’s interior, and you can only do that if you choose your tiles wisely. So why not order at Monalisa Tiles! Their product’s quality will never fail you!