Knowledge about thin porcelain tile
What are thin porcelain tile? thin porcelain tile refers to a plate-shaped ceramic product that has a thickness of no more than 6mm and an upper surface area of ​​no less than 1.62 square meters. It is a plate-shaped ceramic product made of clay and other inorganic non-metallic materials through forming and high-temperature firing.

thin porcelain tile

The advantages of thin porcelain tile: 1. The production of thin porcelain tile by ceramic enterprises is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It produces products of the same area. thin porcelain tile can save 60% to 70% of raw materials compared with conventional tiles, and the energy consumption used is reduced by at least 25% to 30%. Reduce waste and pollution emissions. The transportation cost of light and thin ceramic tiles has also been reduced. According to statistics, the transportation volume of each vehicle is 4307 square meters more than that of traditional ceramic tiles; the weight of thin porcelain tile is less, and the load on the wall and ground after paving is reduced.

2. At present, the thinnest thin porcelain tile are only 1/3 of traditional bricks, so they can save space. To pave thin tiles, you don't need to use cement yellow sand (the overall thickness is 4~5cm), but use a kind of tile adhesive, the overall thickness is only 1.5cm. For a kitchen or bathroom of five or six square meters, using thin tiles can save about 0.5 square meters of area than using traditional tiles.

3. Thin tiles do not need to be cut with a tile cutter, and can be cut with only ordinary cutters, with low noise and less dust. Thin porcelain tile have a certain degree of toughness, and are not afraid of the warping phenomenon of conventional tiles. If warping occurs, you only need to press it gently with your hand.

4. The price of thin porcelain tile is not as expensive as people think. It is similar to the price of traditional tiles. It usually costs a few hundred yuan per square meter, which is suitable for mid-to-high-end people's home improvement and large-scale venues.

Disadvantages of thin porcelain tile:

It is understood that the thin tile production technology is a very important technological innovation for domestic brands in recent years, but the current thin porcelain tile technology is not mature enough. Thin tiles also have relatively high requirements for paving, requiring a very flat ground, and thin porcelain tile are prone to hollowing. These problems need to be further resolved.