Is the porcelain tiles to use than the floor?
Ground heating and environmental protection

Porcelain tile are better than the floor in thermal conductivity, but I personally feel that it has little effect. Anyway, the ground warm winter is opened for a long time, but it is slow when it is opened, and the gap behind is not so large.

The temperature difference or dry climate is not suitable for solid wood flooring, because solid wood flooring is more sensitive to temperature and humidity, and it is easy to heat and swell. Although there are solid wood flooring for ground heating, the price is high, and the solid wood flooring is thicker than other flooring, and the heat dissipation effect is worse.

Here I have to mention that solid wood flooring and solid wood furniture are recommended to choose a reliable brand. At least it has been a brand that has been made for many years. Otherwise, the merchant has no experience in solid wood. Yes, this will be said alone next time.

When it comes to floor heating, you have to raise environmental problems, because the composite floor may speed up the distribution of formaldehyde under heating, so if it is paved with floor heating, it should choose large brand products, at least the environmental protection is more guaranteed. Of course, if you choose porcelain tiles, you don't worry about this problem at all.