Introduction to the precautions for purchasing porcelain tile
Specify the type of porcelain tile to choose. At present, porcelain tiles mainly include polished glazed tiles, marble tiles, soft light tiles, modern antique tiles, etc. Of course, the type of tiles should be combined with the overall decoration style.

Determine the porcelain tile specification. Different occasions, the specifications of the tiles used are different. The commonly used ceramic tile specifications for kitchen + bathroom walls are: 300*450 or 300*600, 400*800. Generally, 300*300 can be used for the balcony; One stone and multi-faceted products are more atmospheric when paved; the bedroom needs to be quiet and overflowing, and many people like to choose antique bricks or soft light products. Soft light is 33-55 degrees of light, not dull or bright, and it has a certain degree of paving. modern and peaceful.

Learn about porcelain tile products. It is necessary to understand the production potential and equipment of the production enterprise, because in the ceramic tile industry, because of the maturity of technology, it directly affects different product quality levels. Use various experiments to teach you to identify product quality problems such as anti-fouling, anti-skid, hardness, etc. .