Introduction to the characteristics of marble tiles
Marble tile refers to a type of ceramic tile product with realistic texture, color and texture of natural marble. It has the realistic decorative effect of natural marble and the superior performance of ceramic tiles. It abandons various natural defects of natural marble. It is an epoch-making ceramic industry. Innovator, is also a masterpiece of modern top ceramic tile manufacturing technology.

Marble tiles are another new category of tiles after porcelain tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles, and microcrystalline stone tiles. The texture, color, texture, hand feeling and visual effects of marble tiles fully achieve the lifelike effect of natural marble, and the decorative effect is even better than natural stone. Marble tiles have won the favor of consumers with their realistic decorative effects and superior practical performance. Become one of the mainstream products in the ceramic tile field.

Through the ideological discussion of the vitality of ceramics, in-depth research on the trend of home decoration, starting from the all-round needs of customers, integrating the beauty of nature into the humanistic fashion, starting from the quality, launching marble tiles, porcelain wood series, polished tiles, antique tiles, and porcelain tiles With a full range of products, we have created "natural, stylish, and simple" ceramic artworks. Among them, it is a perfect substitute for marble and solid wood flooring, with the advantages of natural beauty, protection of ecological resources, and integration of fashion art, such as marble tiles and porcelain wood series, leading the new trend of the industry.