Introduction to the advantages of thin porcelain tile
Thin porcelain tile are a very common building material, but many people don't know the advantages of thin porcelain tile.

Advantages of thin porcelain tile: 1. Environmental protection and energy saving are the general trend. Thin porcelain tile consume less materials, and their hardness and wear resistance are by no means inferior. The transportation cost of thin porcelain tile is also reduced. According to statistics, each car is better than traditional The volume of tile transportation has increased by 4307 square meters; the weight of thin tiles has been reduced, and the load on the wall and floor after paving is reduced.

2.Thin porcelain tile have lower energy consumption and lighter weight than ordinary ceramic tiles, but their hardness, wear resistance, surface gloss and anti-fouling performance are not compromised. This sheet tile has become the new favorite of the ceramic tile industry. Moreover, no cement mortar is used in the paving method, and special adhesives are used. Owners who have experience in home improvement know that a large amount of cement mortar is required for tile paving, and if the thickness is not enough, the tiles will fall off.

3. Thin porcelain tile paving does not use the usual cement mortar, but uses a tile adhesive as an auxiliary material to combine the tiles and the attached surface, so starting from the base layer, the thin plate tiles actually begin to "slim". Master Ma, who has experience in laying and pasting, said that thin-slab tiles are also very convenient to cut, as long as an ordinary cutting knife is used. Therefore, noise pollution and dust pollution are reduced during the operation. Both thick ceramic tiles and thin ceramic tiles have their own characteristics that are needed. Consumers should not blindly pursue thickness and thinness, but should pay more attention to the practicality of ceramic tiles, such as environmental protection, durability, and compression resistance. These characteristics are what makes ceramic tiles The foundation of durability.