How to rework the ceramic tiles without seam
1. Before paving: plan and design the way, sequence, pattern and other preconditions for tile paving. At the same time, pre-paving the ceramic tiles should be carried out during the formal paving, and use cross glue to fix the tile gaps and keep the tile gaps in the same size. , to avoid problems such as large and small seams and unevenness in the ceramic tiles.

2. When laying: Because of the characteristics of ceramic tiles and tile glue, and the problem of the specification error of the ceramic tiles themselves, a reasonable gap must be reserved when laying ceramic tiles, and tools should be used to adjust the ceramic tiles when laying, and a horizontal ruler should be used at any time. Measure, note that the ceramic tiles should be straight and tidy, and there should be no large or small gaps.

3. After paving: If you find that there are slight differences between the ceramic tiles after paving the ceramic tiles, you can repair them with a caulking agent, but if the problem is serious, the caulking agent cannot solve the problem, and you can only re-pave it. The gap between the wall tile and the floor tile should not block the wall and the ground, and the seam should be aligned, and the top, bottom, left and right alignment between the wall and ground ceramic tiles can better achieve the effect of tile laying.