How to identify the quality of porcelain tile?
At present, high-quality porcelain tiles are still the mainstream decoration materials for kitchens and bathrooms, especially in luxury villas. High-end ceramic tiles are also the main decoration materials in living rooms, balconies and other places. There are misunderstandings about the basic knowledge of porcelain tile, so there are also big misunderstandings in the purchase. Here are some tips.

One look: products with high finish, pure color, not easy to get dirty and fouling, easy to clean and good self-cleaning. When judging, you can choose to observe the reflection on the surface of the product carefully from the side under strong light, and it is better to have no small blisters and pits on the surface, or few blisters and pits. Products with high brightness index use high-quality glaze materials and very good glazing technology, which has good and uniform light reflectivity, so that the visual effect is good and the product grade is high.

Second touch: When choosing, you can gently touch the surface with your hands, and it is better to feel very smooth and delicate. You can also touch the back, and feel the slight friction of "sand" as well. The same specifications of products, good quality, high density bricks feel heavier, on the contrary, the quality of the product is lighter. Secondly, you can tap the ceramic surface with your hands. Generally, the sound of good ceramic materials is relatively crisp when tapped.