How to distinguish true and false whole body marble tile
The way to distinguish true and false full-body marble tile is to look at the weight. Marble tiles are tiles made of pure natural marble, while full-body marble tiles are not pure natural, but artificially processed. In general, marble is thicker than brick, and the same weight is more than Bricks are heavy.
The difference between glazed tiles is obvious. Except for the surface layer of glaze, the bottom layer is similar to pottery. Look at the texture and color of the whole marble surface. Because it is very close to natural stone, the effect looks very transparent and three-dimensional. Look at the glazed surface and green body of the whole marble. Whether the color is consistent, that is, if it is inconsistent, it is ordinary marble. From the side, a layer of glaze can be seen from the side of the real whole marble.
Because it is artificially made and not pure natural, you need to compare the ordinary marble. You can know that the weight is relatively light when you touch it with your hand, which is very convenient in the process of decoration, and the whole marble tile will not have traces when scratched with your fingernails. Because the glaze layer is very strong, this is the advantage of easy cleaning during later use, and the most important thing is the price.
Because the manufacturing cost of the whole body marble is relatively high, the price is also relatively high. Those whose prices are lower than ordinary marble must not be the whole body marble. The real whole body brick should have the same appearance. Due to the limitation of conditions, when choosing bricks , you can only see the tiles on the surface and the side, but not the interior of the tiles, because the technology is already very advanced, the bricks can be completely handled, and only after the tile surface can be seen is the whole body.