How to deal with uneven porcelain tile?
The first criterion for porcelain tile laying is to be flat and not uneven. However, during the actual decoration, some workers often paste uneven porcelain tiles due to lack of experience, which greatly affects the overall decoration effect. How should we deal with this situation?

The treatment method for uneven porcelain tiles is as follows:

1.When the porcelain tiles are uneven and the gap is relatively large, the porcelain tiles can be knocked off and new porcelain tiles laid. When pasting new porcelain tiles again, professional workers must be hired to ensure the best quality.

2.When the porcelain tiles are uneven, you can find out the specific reasons. If the cement is not applied evenly, and there are high and low, then before the cement is dry, you can put a stone on the porcelain tiles and press it overnight, and the next day will be smooth. The porcelain tiles are flattened.

3.You can prepare a wooden stick, wrap a layer of cotton cloth at both ends of the wooden stick, and then press one end against the uneven porcelain tiles, and the other end against the roof of the house, so that the porcelain tiles can be pressed flat.

4.You can also tap the porcelain tiles gently with a wall-laying knife until the porcelain tiles become flat. The strength of the tapping should not be too large, otherwise it is easy to smash the porcelain tiles.