How to choose the wholesale market of marble tiles
In recent years, marble tile have become more and more sought after by the owners. During the decoration process, the quality of the decoration is also determined by the quality of the marble. People are dazzling... To avoid these marble pits elegantly, it takes some skills, and there are points to pay attention to when choosing marble.
First of all, the thinner the plate, the weaker the compressive ability. The strength of the rock refers to the ability of the rock to resist damage. Under the action of external force, the rock will fail when the stress reaches a certain limit value, which is the strength of the rock. When the thickness of the sheet is thinner, that is to say, the weaker the compressive capacity of the sheet, the easier the sheet is to be damaged; on the contrary, the thicker the sheet and the greater the compressive capacity, the less likely the sheet is to be broken and damaged. Under the action of external load, when the stress inside the rock reaches or exceeds a certain limit, the rock will fail. Therefore, from this formula, it can be concluded that the compressive strength of the stone is directly related to the thickness of the plate: the plate is thin, the compressive capacity is poor, and it is easy to break, while the plate is thick and the compressive capacity is strong, and the plate is not easy to be damaged.
Secondly, the drawbacks caused by the thin thickness of the stone, the sale of thinner and thinner slabs by stone merchants has become a trend and trend. In most large slab markets in Shuitou, those slabs below 16mm are generally seen, especially those with good material and expensive stone merchants are more willing to make the thickness of the slabs thinner. Because the stone is too thick, the price of large slabs rises, and customers think that the price is too high to affect sales. Making the thickness of the large board thinner can solve this contradiction, and both parties are willing.
In short, which thickness of stone decoration is better used in building decoration should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis, and cannot be generalized.