How to choose the right porcelain tile?
Generally speaking, the first reaction of owners when they encounter such a problem is: listen to decoration companies or designers. In fact, some decoration companies and designers do not fully understand the professional knowledge of ceramic tiles. Once customers ask for their suggestions It comes and goes like that. If you want to buy good products, you still have to do a good job of knowledge reserve.

First of all, we need to be clear, what material of the porcelain tile to choose for the major functional areas? Living room & bedroom: Generally speaking, these two places are areas with frequent activities, but they mainly move around a lot, so the requirements for materials in this area do not need to be too high.

Balcony: Most of the balconies are places that can directly receive sunlight, so matt bricks are generally used to lay the ground; Kitchen: According to the actual use environment of the kitchen, there are many stains, soot, and the space is humid. Therefore, the material selection should have the characteristics of waterproof, non-slip, dirt-resistant and wear-resistant.