How to choose the right glazed tiles correctly
The glaze surface is uniform, smooth, smooth, bright, and consistent as the top grade: the surface has particles, not smooth, the color is different, the thickness is uneven, or even the surface is uneven, and the cloud flocculent is the inferior product. In addition, glossy glaze should be crystal clear and shiny: matt glaze should be soft and comfortable. The colored glazed brick body is generally made of pottery and has a brownish red color. In the past two years, some manufacturers have changed it to semi-solid and porcelain.

It is composed of a green body and a glazed surface. The glazed surface is made by firing several colors on the green body successively through the screens. The hardness and water absorption of colored glazed tiles. The abrasion resistance is medium. The pattern is novel, the color is rich, and there are many patterns and samples. Observe the reflected light phase of objects on the glazed surface: Observe the phase formed by lights or objects reflected on the glazed surface by the glazed mirror. The phase of glazed tiles is more complete and clearer than ordinary tiles.

Test the slip resistance of glazed tiles: After walking on the surface of the glazed floor tiles with water, you can still experience a very reliable anti-slip feeling. Listen to the sound: The percussion sound is clear and pleasant, with a good degree of porcelain and high intensity. Look at the surface: After 28 passes, the surface is smooth and has excellent gloss. No slag, bulging, etc. Look at the fault: After the break, the fracture surface is smooth and flat, without roughness, and the whole body is without black hearts.