How to choose porcelain tile color
1. Living room, restaurant

The living room and restaurants are generally integrated designs. The guest restaurant is a public area in a house, and it is carried out here. The design effect of the guest restaurant is mainly based on simple atmosphere, so the porcelain tile pattern is not suitable for too complicated. It is recommended to use solid color light colors, such as light gray, beige, and so on.

Now renovate a new house, many people like to use simple style. Simple style of guest restaurants, it is recommended to use beige and white light -colored matching. Light -colored polishing bricks, modern style antique bricks, can make the living room a simple and simple effect. If the space is large enough, you can consider increasing the wave wire and look more textured.

2. Kitchen

The space of the kitchen is relatively compact, and you should choose a relatively simple and fast tone, so that the visual effect can be expanded to a certain amount. Moreover, there are cabinets, cabinets, and workbenches in the kitchen, and the color of porcelain tiles must be matched with them. For example, light gray, with a gray anti -slip floor, can give people a stylish and refreshing feeling. And the gray system is more resistant to dirty, which is very suitable for the kitchen such as the functional area that is easily contaminated with oil. Beige and white are also very versatile.

The kitchen floor, because there may be water stains, should choose a non -slip type, such as the physical brick is pretty good.

3, toilet

The area of ​​the bathroom is similar to that of the kitchen, and the water wall is larger, so the ground should also choose to prevent porcelain tiles or bricks. It is best to use light or cold colors on the wall. Do not choose black and dark, otherwise it will become narrower visually. The color should be close. For example, the wall is light gray, the floor is gray, and there is a gradient feeling. It also looks more layered.