How Large Can Commercial Tiles Be?
Tiles have become one of the go-to interior design elements for any build - be it a commercial space or a house. Commercial spaces, in particular, have been seen sporting those large tiles on their open spaces that would just wow any audience. But we ask the question, how large can commercial tiles be?

First off, what are these large tiles exactly? Commonly known as large-format tiles, these tiles can provide a space a modern aesthetic with a clean sleek look while complimenting the space’s either modern or traditional accent and finishes. They can either be produced from a large stone, glass, or porcelain.

To be considered as a large-format tile, it has to have an edge greater than 15 inches. Commonly, 36 by 18 tiles are used not only for floors but also for walls (Houzz, 2016). Seeing as they are almost stain resistant, they offer better finish to any bathroom design compared to wallpaper or paint. Imagine bathing inside a floor to wall marble tile scheme. Isn’t that the epitome of luxury?

Large tiles are perfect for open spaces as they can fill up the whole room without making it feel stuffy or clunky. And by matching the grout to the color of the tile, it can also make the room feel bigger. They also work great even in smaller spaces. If the same tile for the floor and walls is used, say in the bathroom, it can help stretch out the room visually and create a unified look.

And, since they are large in scale, there is a reduction of visual interruption, making the space look seamless as possible. It also means less grout to clean when the tiles have paced through the halls. But, as there is a pro, there is also a con to large tiles. As they are bigger in size, there might be a  need to pay a bit extra to have them installed flawlessly by professionals.

The moment the large tiles become too large is when there is  a lot, and we mean a lot, of undersized cuts, like short of less than half a tile. If that is the case, downsizing the tile as a whole.