History and Development of Porcelain Plate Art
Porcelain plate art is a form of painting art in traditional Chinese culture. It uses white ceramic plate as a canvas and uses ink and color materials to describe. Porcelain plate art originated in the Han Dynasty in China. At that time, porcelain began to spread widely, and the surface of porcelain was often used to depict various natural patterns such as flowers, birds, and landscapes. This surface decoration gradually evolved into an independent art form, namely porcelain plate art. In the Tang Dynasty, porcelain plate art began to be widely promoted and applied, and became a favorite artwork of the court and nobles. With the passage of time, the skill of porcelain plate art has become more and more exquisite, and the forms have become more and more diverse. Now, porcelain plate art has become an important part of Chinese traditional culture, loved and respected by more and more people.