Going big: Large-format tiles and where you could use them
Have you heard of the infamous saying, “The bigger, the better?” If you are one of those who don’t believe in this, well you should—especially if you are looking for ways to design or renovate your house because this year, large-format tiles are IN!

But first, let’s discuss what kind of tile this is.

Large-format tiles are any tile with at least one edge greater than 15 inches. These can be square or rectangular, made of porcelain, ceramic, or stone. Before, this kind of tile was mostly used commercially, but with the technological advancements in the present, it is now used in residential homes for a more sleek interior design.

Where can you use large format tiles?

If you want a minimalist, modern, and clean aesthetic for your home, then large-format tiles are perfect for you! These can be installed both on walls or floors. Because it creates a uniform surface due to its less grout advantage, your room will look more bright and spacious. Worry no more about repainting your walls or scrubbing your floors as this tile will be easier to maintain.

Imagine: cooking heavy meals in a kitchen surrounded by these or taking a shower while stepping on the cold large-format tiled floor. Stains and mildew are not a problem anymore as these tiles are very easy to clean. Even dirty dog paws making their way on your living room floor will not be a headache to scrub!

So if you want to say goodbye to time-consuming chores and have the energy to do the things you love more, try the large-format tiles that Monalisa Tiles offers! Available in different colors, shade, and designs—there are so many options you can choose from. They have high quality and exquisite types: porcelain, classic, eco, marble, glazed, and ceramic. With their modern take on tiles, you’ll never go wrong.