Four advantages of thin porcelain tile
1. Long life and easy care. Although the surface hardness of thin-plate tiles is slightly lower than that of ordinary tiles, it is sufficient to meet the needs of use. Its long life, non-flammable, does not absorb or emit sparks. Excellent wear and corrosion resistance makes thin porcelain tile low maintenance and easy to clean during use.
2. Reduce the load on walls and floors Because thin porcelain tile is lighter than ordinary tiles, it can effectively reduce the load on the walls and floors. Especially for high-rise buildings, the stairs are not easy to settle and deform. Light and thin features can also reduce the installation of accessories and labor costs.
3. The floor heating effect is good in the space where floor heating must be used. Due to the thin adhesive layer of Thin Porcelain Tile and the thin material itself, the floor heating effect is better, the energy loss is less, and the space temperature is increased faster.
4. The thin porcelain tile is suitable for sanitary places. The large size of thin porcelain tile produced by some manufacturers can reach 1800 × 900 mm. It is used in various sanitary places such as hospitals, bathrooms, toilets, etc.