Do you know what a sintered stone tile
Sintered stone tile are bricks made of clay, shale, coal gangue or fly ash, which are used to construct load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. So what is its texture, let's take a look.

According to different raw materials, it can be divided into sintered clay bricks, sintered fly ash bricks, and sintered shale bricks. sintered stone tile is the product of continuous commercialization and continuous extension of traditional skills. sintered stone tile clay bricks are usually made of high-quality clay, even purple clay fired at high temperatures. Compared with traditional red bricks (clay bricks), clay bricks have more delicate texture, more uniform color, smooth lines, high temperature and cold resistance, corrosion resistance, return to nature, and no fading. They not only have natural beauty, but also have a strong sense of civilization and times.

Architectural civilization is an important part of Chinese civilization, and brick culture is indispensable. From the colorful bricks, we can see the work of yesterday and the future. They have experienced Baiyun, but they seem to be young.

The function of sintered stone tile and clay brick: The natural color difference produced during the firing process makes it more friendly, not monotonous, and can be well integrated into nature.

1. Clay bricks are generally divided into fine stone bricks with water absorption less than 5. In the material formula, barren materials accounted for 70%, and plastic materials accounted for about 30%.

2. The whole body of sintered stone tile imitates the texture of natural granite, which is ancient, natural and solid.

3. The Mohs hardness of the brick reaches level 8, with good wear resistance and high bending strength.

4. The surface of the cargo is rough and non-slip. Through the sensitive and clever design of different standards and colors, color pictures of different personalities can be collaged.